Left Behind (2006)

Cherry Knowle is an abandoned mental institution situated in Sunderland. Smashed windows are boarded up by security guards in an attempt to keep out intruders. It doesn’t work. The building is filling with evidence of the presence of ‘urban explorers’ and local kids.

It is spellbinding to forget that the rest of the world exists as you become captivated, involved in the building. Anyone who climbs in through a window of Cherry Knowle will make their mark on the process of dilapidation. Some marks are made deliberately but, even without trying, you can’t help but move or break things. As an explorer and observer, you affect the building. Scenes in Cherry Knowle could have been untouched for 30 years, or they could have been moved that way just last week.

The building is heavily saturated with it’s history; patients walking down the halls, doctors administering shock treatment with equipment that remains, madmen gripped with fear and insanity, graffiti artists, partiers, local kids and explorers.