Shared Bodies

I’m exploring ways in which people can collaboratively control a system.

I used a Kinect to track two people’s movements and combine them in various ways.

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Shared Bodies

I gave an audience coloured paddles and had them play games like Pong collaboratively.

This is a recreation of a 1991 experiment by Loren Carpenter.

I used a high resolution camera, a light and reflective tape to track which side of the paddles people were holding up. I coded several games in Processing for them to play.

Crowd Patterns

I became interested in the movement of crowds, and how crowds of people can act as one.

I used Photoshop to create these animations frame by frame.


People can push on a large sheet of fabric, suspended over a wooden frame. Graphics respond to their touches.

I used a Kinect to depth track behind the fabric, and back projected the graphics which I created in OpenFrameworks.

Augmented Reality Reactions

I’m experimenting with augmented reality, creating reactions that go from the real world, to the virtual, and back again.

To do this I’m using Unity and a plugin called Vuforia, which recognises printed markers in the real world. I’m also communicating with an ESP8266 over a local network, to send triggers back and forth.

Floor Fish

People can step into this floor projected fish pond. The fish have swarm behaviours which I coded in Processing. They also follow people around… but they’ll swim away if the bigger fish comes close.

I tracked people’s positions in the space using a Kinect with depth tracking from above.