Jolly Good is a creative collaboration between myself, Amy Goodchild and my friend and artist Juli Jolly. We met via reddit a couple of years ago and decided in 2013 to work on an art project together. This led to us forming the collective.

Our first art project is ambitious, involving 16 women (including ourselves) opening up in an honest discussion about themselves and then posing nude for photographic and painted portraits. The work explores themes of identity and beauty.

We hope to celebrate the essential inner and outer beauty of young women – illuminating the essence of our sixteen subjects and reveal fundamental aspects of their identity.

We’re depicting our subjects nude, but not vulnerable or objectified. The works are tasteful and powerful rather than sexualised. It is unusual to see a modern picture of a woman nude where the focus is her identity rather than her sexuality. In the works, the women are physically and emotionally naked: beautiful, radiant and inspiring.

You can follow our process on Facebook at: , Twitter at: and on our website