Bimble Space is a collection of browser experiences. I began making this site during 2020 lockdown as an alternative to physical installations. 

Some of the toys featured are multiplayer, such as Flock, which was conceived as a way to provide an alternative to the human connection we’re missing during coronavirus isolation. While there are no predefined goals or rules to this game, people immediately began to invent their own, finding ways to communicate with their partner by mimicking their movements, drawing symbols like hearts or circling around each other.

The knowledge that another person is seeing your movements and you may be touching the same spots on your phone screens leads to a feeling of connection despite the physical distance. Some pairs held their fingers still in the same spot while bubbles billowed out – a virtual hug.


Feedback for Flock
Quotes from
reddit users:

“Made me feel closer to a person than I have in a while” – DadamsYK

“That was so beautiful. Knowing another person was seeing your bubbles and our fingers touching the same spots of our phone screens without ever knowing anything about them or touching in real life. shivers.” – embolie

“My match and I splashed bubbles around for a bit, then without even being able to say anything, we settled into a rhythm of drawing for a bit, then pausing to let the other go. After a few minutes they draw a heart to sign off. Thanks for that moment” – danstu


Technical Information

The animations in Flock are created in p5.js, a library for JavaScript. The communication between participants uses Node.js and socket.io. The site is run on Heroku. The flocking algorithm is inspired by Craig Reynold’s boids and implemented with the help of videos by Daniel Shiffman.